ProteaCHI Symposium 2022

ProteaCHI Symposium 2022: CHI2023 Student Design Competition

5-9 September, 2022, Cape Town, South Africa

I am happy to announce that we have obtained funding supported by ACM SIGCHI for the 2022 ProteaCHI Symposium from 5-9 September, in which design teams will work on submissions for the CHI2023 Student Design Competition.

Professor Christian Sturm will join us to guide the students and academics on how to unpack a solution to the CHI 2023 student design competition, which will be tackling one of the UN sustainable development goals. This initiative is designed to increase the number of human-computer interaction researchers and within industry in South Africa. A further goal is to increase the number of CHI conference papers from South African academics and students. Students will work in teams of 2-5 people supported by an academic supervisor.

The funding will cover the costs for 20 postgraduate or undergraduate students and 5 academics for the event, which includes flights, transport to and from the airport and accommodation. Breakfast and lunch will be covered, but not dinner. Please note: Western Cape students and supervisors, will only be provided with transport and meals (breakfast and lunch) not flights and accommodation.

The schedule for the event is as follows (a more detailed schedule can be found at the bottom of the email): 

Date Events Location
05/09/2022 Introduction to the program. While there, academics and students will attend the San code of research ethics programme. They will also be provided an introduction to the programme and the SIGCHI Design Competition theme. After which, they will take a guided tour of the District Six Museum and further activities. Hasso Plattner School of Design Thinking
UCT Middle Campus
Stretched Hackathon where students will work on the problem. This includes prototyping a solution, user testing and entrepreneurship.   Please note the memo attached for more detail.   

Overall requirements:

Teams must consist of at least two and no more than five students. There is no limit to the number of teams that may compete from any given university or organization. However, one student cannot be part of multiple teams.

Submissions are invited from students at all stages of their university careers, from undergraduate to postgraduate level. While not a mandatory requirement, it is strongly encouraged that the teams put forward a multidisciplinary and/or multi-national team.

Each team must provide a research proposal of between 1 to 2 pages in length with ACM referencing, detailing the selected UN Sustainability goal being used and references for the approaches being taken to find a solution. Members of a given team can be from any discipline and can be from multiple institutions.

Requirements for students:

Each student team member must submit the following as part of the application:

·         Their curriculum vitae detailing their current education and names, which includes their current SIGCHI and membership numbers, this is a requirement set by the ACM (Students who are selected to attend, and provided a fee waiver, must be SIGCHI members prior to the event itself.). You can register as a SIGCHI member here: and ProteaCHI membership found here, it is free.

·         Publications, if they have any.

·         Registration for 2022 for a South African university.

·         Students’ results for their and/or previous qualifications. 

·         Letters of recommendation from supervisors and academics who have or are working with the student.

Requirements for academics:

Each team must have one academic member, who should be an active member of ProteaCHI and SIGCHI.

·         Please submit a short bio (100-250 words) and your CV

·         Need to have an active ProteaCHI and SIGCHI memberships. 

§  ProteaCHI membership is free and found here

§  SIGCHI membership is found here


We require all applications to be emailed before 24:00 (South African Standard Time) on the 24th of July to be emailed to this address of We will notify the chosen candidates by the 31st of July, or hopefully sooner so we can make the relevant arrangements. 


Thank you to our generous sponsors for making this event possible:
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